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Climate Change course – week 5

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Ocean acidification has enormous implications for the functioning of natural systems. However, its human impact cannot be overlooked either. Will marine organisms be able to adapt to ocean acidification given the time scale for the predicted changes?  Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is likely to lead to sea level rise. Are rising sea levels more of a threat to humanity than ocean acidification?

The timescales don’t seem long enough for those tiny intricate creatures to evolve a whole new protection mechanism. Not only will there be a tragic loss of species & habitat, but the food chain will be severely affected. Humans currently depending on fish for a living &/or food source will be forced to move, adding to the migration caused by the other danger of rising sea levels. In the UK we are currently witnessing the problems created by storms & flooding – the affect on communities, farming, power supplies, transport, & seeing the blame game that starts up between politicians, media & public. Imagine what this would be like if things really got serious – total chaos! This should be a massive wake-up call – we mustn’t do what we normally do which is to wait for the **** to really hit the fan – by then it will be much too late.


Author: suemcnab

I've been in IT (developing & supporting my own software) for a long time & now want to get involved in new activities! I am very interested in & concerned about the issue of climate change & want to learn more about it.

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